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Interview mit Arno: Dieses Buch ist der krönende Abschluss meines Lebenswerks
Dieses Buch ist der krönende Abschluss meines Lebenswerks
Thursday, 03/13/14
Costa del Sol Spain— in Torrox Costa, Malaga

This book is the crowning of my life's work

Arno A. Evers visionary and Hydrogen Ambassador

Arno A. Evers developed for the Hanover Fair a trade fair concept about hydrogen, for which he acquired well-known companies and institutions from around the world

Text and photo by MARLENE WÖRNER
TORROX COSTA, Andalusia, Spain

On the Topic hydrogen I have attended 107 international Conferences

Through his mother, who bought in the 1980s an apartment in Torrox Costa, Arno A. Evers came to southern Spain, where he continued to made ​​regularly holiday often. Since his retirement, he now spends most of the winter months here on the coast . Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1946, was the trained electromechanics and also an industrial clerk before a brilliant career. For a total of 23 years, he worked with Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH (MBB). The last years he served as Deputy Press-officer at MBB`s headquarter near Munich. Here he was responsible for the Press and PR work of 19 aerospace and aircraft plants with a total of 65,000 employees. He attended numerous global fairs of the aerospace technology and industry.
The Fair-Virus had infected him finally. In 1990 he founded his own company: 'Arno A. Evers FAIR - PR' and took on various Projects for the worldwide largest computer and IT fair CeBIT in Hannover. Arno A. Evers developed a comprehensive trade show concept on the subject of hydrogen, for which he acquired well-known companies and institutions from around the world to exhibiting at the Hannover Messe. What in 1995 started with ten exhibitors at an area of ​​250 square meters, has today grown to an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters with 150 exhibitors from 40 countries.
The vision of the Hydrogen Society employed him so intensely, that he was called the Hydrogen Pope by the scene. As crowning ending of his career, he wrote in 2010 the book 'The Hydrogen Society ... more than just a Vision?', which analyzes the global energy infrastructure. In his book he propose a decentralized and independent usage of all locally available renewable energies, to use them to make hydrogen or other media in order to cover all global energy needs. After a moving Professional life; that made him travel all over the word, Arno A. Evers is today dedicated to prefer photography, which on Facebook he makes available to the general public.

Mr. Evers , which was the decisive factor, to deal so intensively with the topic hydrogen?
My former boss and founder of MBB, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ludwig Bölkow, was active after his retirement with a private consulting firm with the first hydrogen activities. This supplemented with my findings, which I had won in the course of my professional life. In total I have attended on the subject of hydrogen 107 international Conferences all over the world, from Hong Kong to Argentina.

How was the book ' The Hydrogen Society ' created?
The publisher Sven Geitmann, from Hydrogeit Publishing House, spoke to me, if I could imagine to publish my findings in a book. The Hydrogeit Publishing House is the first and only publisher for renewable Energy, hydrogen and fuel cells. We than realized the book in just seven weeks, to hand it over to our customers, exhibitors and visitors in time on my last trade fair in Hanover in 2010. The book is the culmination of my life's work , the promotion of hydrogen and fuel cells, for which I in America had already received awards.

To what exactly are you actually referring in your book?
The book is characterized, as half of it just analyzes the actual state of our current energy infrastructure. So the global energy situation is shown in details. That approach is unique is in this form to summarize this, globally & independently, only available in my book. Once you read that and understand, you know immediately, what is now to do next!
Namely to make usage decentralized and independently of all locally available renewable energies, to derive hydrogen or other media to cover all energy needs.
That is my mission. That would be relatively easy to implement and would only need a fraction of the cost compared to what it does by today`s existing energy infrastructure.

Is your Fair-concept at th Hannover Fair still presented today?
Yes, my former co-workers still introduce the concept on behalf of Deutsche Messe AG. The next Hannover Messe will take place this year from April 7 through 11. On my website you will find all the activities that were presented within the framework of our Group Exhibit developed by me from 1995 to the present, by all companies, who were active with us at the Hanover Fair .

What prompted you to devote yourself intensively to Photography after your retirement?
I cared parallel to my profession always for my mother, who was living here in Torrox Spain for nearly 30 years. Since I already had done thousands of photos during my professional life, I wondered what I could do now best in my spare time with my latest photos. With Facebook, I found the suitable platform to to sort out my new photos that I took here locally, and make them available to the global public at the same time. Currently, there are about 8,500 photos on-line at facebook. On average, I exposure per day 200 to 300 photos, and about 15 percent of them I than upload on-line.

For what purpose you put your Photos on Facebook?
No matter where I am, I shoot photos. While this happens spontaneously, but also I am very aware of the different locations, in order to show people how the situation is just at the place where I am. I just want to document, what I see with my eyes, with the help of the camera. And anyone who is interested - is cordially invited, to look at them for her- or himself.

What has most value in your photography ?
The contemporary 'modern' photography in documentation and advertising often looks very artificial. My pictures are simply sincere and above all, authentic. I never revise or edit my photos, not even doing any clippings. Whether I capture people, monuments or natural spectacles I leave it as it is, I never change anything. Authenticity is important to me. Also in my professional life, I have always trying to give people the opportunity to present themselves authentically.

On the Internet :

The book: 'The Hydrogen Society ... more than just a vision?'
by Arno A. Evers, English, 168 Color pages, Hydrogeit Publishing House, ISBN 978-3-937863-31-3, price: 24,90 Euro

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